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Many people are looking for an easy way to earn money.  Compared to spending time on useless things, it would be better to make money.  To make a profit, there are many simple steps to take.  One of them is looking for business ideas for students that can be done easily too.

Actually, students themselves can use the free time available to earn money.  You certainly know that it is not easy for a student to work in an office.  This is because the degree has not been obtained and also the time is not available.  The work schedule will clearly clash with the morning class.  Therefore, there are attractive business options.

 7 interesting business ideas for students

To earn money, you don’t have to worry.  As a student, there are many easy ways to do this.  You don’t need to apply for part time jobs and stuff.  There are many businesses that can be done without a large capital.  With facilities like this, it is more convenient to earn income as well.  Here are the business options:

 Open private lessons

The first easy step you can take far ahead is to open private lessons.  There are many students who do this.  It is not difficult to open a lesson.  You can teach a variety of lessons to young children.  In addition, private lessons do not only apply to lessons.  There are many things you can teach others.

Of course, you also don’t need a large capital to open lessons.  There are many who come to students’ homes to open lessons online.  If you find it difficult to open lessons at home.  So, you can use a simple method with online media.  However, the payout is usually higher if you use in-person tutoring.

You can pocket the cost of 50 thousand rupiah per child in one session.  Of course, this is very beneficial because there is not only one student in each session.  You will be teaching multiple children at the same time as well.  You can also open tutoring for something you are good at.  For example, photography lessons or playing guitar and others as an option.


You can do not only private lessons in business ideas for students.  There are other options that are sure to catch a lot of people’s attention as well.  You can use easy steps by becoming a writer.  This work can be done in person as well as online.  There are various options for the writer’s method of work.  You can write novels or articles too.

There are those who work as permanent writers in companies or editors.  There are also those who work as freelance writers.  Of course, the pay is also great.  If you become a book author, you will get royalties from every work sold.  Meanwhile, for freelance writers, you will get a fee for every writing that is made as well.

This job is suitable for those of you who don’t have many activities and feel comfortable writing down ideas and ideas.  You can write anytime and you don’t have to come to the office.  You only need a writing application and also an internet network.  You can search sites for freelance writers and start writing for a fee.


Other interesting business ideas for students are photographers.  You can use this job to earn extra money.  A photographer, gets paid quite a lot for the results of his photos.  You don’t have to be a DKV graduate to take great portraits.  Just hone your skills until the photos are good.

For how to work as a photographer, there are various easy steps you can take.  You only need to open a service to take photos that attract attention.  Give an example of your picture or portfolio in taking pictures.  You can also take the easy step of taking a job as a wedding photographer.

Usually, there are many who use this method because the fee given is quite large.  You can also sell your work on various sites.  Many sell images online as well.  In fact, some people also get paid online by selling the photos they take.

 Graphic design

Another business idea for students that gives big income is graphic design.  There are many people who are interested in taking advantage of this one job.  You don’t have to work directly to earn a fee.  Just use the online method by selling design services to many people.  Usually, the ordering goes smoothly too.

You should not give high prices to customers.  Be sure to create a variety of packages to attract buyers’ attention.  You can also give loyal customers much lower prices.  Of course, you should always give the best work to your customers.  Do not sell plagiarized or previously sold products.


Another step you can use to earn money is to become a translator.  As a student, it is not difficult to translate the language.  You can learn the language you want to translate yourself.  There are many who like English to Indonesian.  However, you can choose your own too.

It’s much better if you actively master the language.  So, can directly translate for clients and more.  Not only works for translating text only.  It would be better to translate directly.  The payment given is no joke.  You can earn millions of rupiah just by translating a concert or exhibition.  So, master the language well.


Another option that can be done is to become an editor.  This method also provides a large number of benefits.  Just look for editors online that have job openings.  You can demonstrate the ability to edit posts so they are publishable.  It is important to master the KBBI in this work.  As a student, obviously easy too.

The pay given by the editor is also quite large depending on the number of jobs taken.  You just need to change things that are weird or shouldn’t be in the post.  With good editing, you can earn a lot of money too.  It is important to have high accuracy if you are an editor.

 Service Doing Other Student  Tasks

The job that is famous today is doing task.  You have to work to replace someone else’s job.  Of course, the fee given depends on you.  Set a rate for each task depending on the difficulty.

Those are some options in business ideas for students that can be done easily.  You can make your own selection for the business you want to run.  In this way, many advantages can be obtained.

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